Sunday, October 23, 2005

Traveling Baby

Today our group visited a village that is probably quite similar to the one where Chloe was born. It was a small farming community about 20-minutes outside of the city, and we walked through with the children sticking close by because we brought candy and toys. The people of China continue to be gracious and kind. The juxtaposition of the new China with malls and shopping, and the old farming communities is striking. You can feel the growing middle-class here, but the poverty is also overwhelming.

This trip continues to be amazing, and we feel a little guilty having such a wonderful experience in early parenthood. We so enjoy starting this family and learning about Chloe's homeland at the same time. Our travel leader, Der, has been wonderful throughout the entire trip. He understands that families need to get out of the hotel, just for sanity's sake, but he only has outings or paperwork, etc. last for 2-3 hours at a time. Then it's back to the hotel for family and nap time. He is also great with the kids - constantly checking on them to see how they are doing and given recommendations where they are needed. He has a ziplock bag full of Chinese medicine that he will give you and tell you how to use ensuring that everything goes well.

Chloe is just up from her nap now, so we're going to head out into the world for a bit of a walk. Tomorrow Chloe is getting her passport and staying in town with Chris, while I visit her orphanage. It's about 3-hours away, and I'm going to try to see her finding spot as well. It feels important to try to fit together these little bits of Chloe's past.

Again, we appreciate your kind emails and warm wishes and can't wait to view the comments on the blog when we are able to access the blog again in Hong Kong. We've tried to send some emails back, but we don't think they are going through.


Blogger Virginia cousins said...

We are all enjoying your wonderful stories and gorgeous pictures of beautiful Chloe. Kelsey says to say she is really cute and she can't wait to play with her! We can't wait to see her in person. Enjoy the rest of your trip and we'll see you soon!

7:23 AM  
Blogger linda_and_bryant said...

It's very wise of you to visit Chloe's orphanage and to see, if you can, the finding spot, and to learn what you can about what you think is her home village. Take lots of pictures and take the time to write down your thoughts -- they will be important to Chloe and to you in the future. When you consider the sudden change in her environment, the new faces and touches, the new sounds to her ears (your voices and the sounds and rhythms of the English language), your coming together as a family has been blissfully smooth. We are so delighted. Each day we look forward to new pictures and new journal entries. Sending you love...Linda and Bryant

10:43 AM  
Blogger GG said...

Went to see Francie and Popi today and they are so excited about that great- grand baby. We went to the computer room and looked at the blog again and they love the picture of Chloe in the PINK hat (I think I misspelled pink in my other post). 3 people came in while we were on the blog and each had to stop and see that baby girl! So she is now famous at the retirement home where we had the baby shower in July. Much, much love, GG

12:03 PM  
Blogger KennedysNC said...

Whats wrong with you guys? We need more posts! :-) Ann Marie and I are living vicariously through the two of you for now with high hopes of receiving a child as beautiful as Chloe! Its hard to believe that you will be home in less than a week! We cannot wait and hope that you are ready for a good home cooked breakfast! MK & AMK

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