Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tears and the Fashion Police

While we're still avoiding the chicken pox, Chloe has a rash on her face. We're wondering if we are doing too much food experimentation and need to stick with formula, steamed eggs, and rice congee for a while. Those are the tried and true foods for this little one. We also had our first major crying jag today. Dad went to fill out paperwork for a few hours, and I tried to put Chloe down for her 10:00 nap. That was a big mistake because she wanted to have nothing to do with it. I tried just about everything to sooth her. We tried reading, Cheerios, a bottle, the Baby Bjorn... (fill in other options because I tried them). Finally, I broke out the computer and let her bang on the keys for a while. When Chris got back, she gave him a big smile, and he looked around the room and burst into laughter. Now she's sleeping peacefully in his arms. You can tell who has the magic touch in this family. (This is Chris, and it's not touch - it's just timing)

After nap time, we're going to grab some lunch and walk around the back streets of the city. It's fun to see all of the food vendors andaction in the streets. Chloe also seems to be happiest when we're on the move, and she's snuggled up in her Baby Bjorn. We have to buy her a full-coverage suit before we walk though. We were reprimanded by a lady on the street this morning for having a tiny(!) bit of Chloe flesh showing. It's a good idea to bundle her up for other reasons than to avoid reprimands from the baby-fashion police. The temperature has dropped considerably in the last day. It is down from about 80 degrees to the mid 50's, and we want to keep her well.

Chris finishing out the blog here... We didn't have time to post earlier, so we will fill out the day here. We think the rash now may have been related to a shirt Heidi was wearing that had been dry cleaned. We've given Chloe a little Benadryl and things seem to be clearing up. Her skin is just so fine and sensitive that any little irritation really jumps out at you.

We got the nice winter suit with built in feet and now all the ladies of China can rest assured knowing that one more baby is covered! We went walking for several hours exploring China both the back streets and the main shopping streets. Saturday seems like a day for young couples to go out and walk the streets and spend time together.

The older ladies in China remind me of my grandmothers. They remind me off my Grandma Loflin because they are all shorter in stature and never fail to smile when they see little ones like Chloe. Then they remind me of my Grandma Lindsey because they are little activists and the only ones who openly give us the "thumbs up" sign for adopting Chloe. You get the sense that they are not big fans of the one child policy in China, and the impact it has had on the culture and treatment of women. They try to talk to us, but we can't understand what they are saying.

It turned out to be a good day, and tomorrow we are going to a farm on the outskirts of town to see what life is like in more rural settings.


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Blogger Chloe's Grandparents said...

Heidi & Chris: We have loved following your great China adventure and watching you and Chloe become your own little family unit. We can't wait to see her and have shared photos of you and Chloe with members of the tour group who ask about each days installment. Tommorrow we leave Osaka and will be back in Raleigh late Sunday night. We will eagerly anticipate your return with Chloe as will all of her other extended family members. Much love to you all, Carole & Dad

5:47 AM  
Blogger GG said...

Heidi, those tables will turn! I can see a time in the near future when you leave Chloe with Chris and you come home to be the one with "the touch"!! Maybe she just doesn't like her Mom and Dad being apart because she feels the love when you are all together - so she showed you! Only 6 days until you're home! Much, much love, GG
PS LOVED the close-up pick hat picture!!!

1:43 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

Aha! Definitely sounding like a family today, Heidi and Chris!
It is Friday night in Raleigh right now, and I just looked out to the cul-de-sac...seems like every house on the street is all lit up...I had to smile at the warm and homey feeling here as we all wait for the arrival of Chloe. (By the way, I love her spirit already--and she is coming to a neighborhood with a strong history "spirited" children!) I would give anything just to hug Mom and Dad right now, play some soft music for you and tuck you safely into your bed on Abbotsbury Court right now...know you are loved. Diane

6:23 PM  

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