Friday, October 21, 2005

Hitting Our Stride

We're starting to really settle in today as a family with lots of smiles and laughs. Chloe is starting to nap easily and seems to trust that we'll be here when she wakes up. She even is starting to play on her own a little and helped Chris read the paper this afternoon. The two of them are now napping, and then we are headed to Pizza Hut for dinner. While we are getting pizza for this meal, we've enjoyed the Chinese food on the trip. In fact, we've been regular chow hounds and are checking out lots of new foods (the littlest member of the family included). Chloe's favorite foods are spicy noodles, steamed eggs, cherrios, pork and sea weed baby food, and mashed bananas. She is truly a spicy girl being from the Sezchuan region known for its spicy food.

Okay, what are we noticing about Chloe? She likes to stand up on your legs when you hold her and is trying to role over from her back to her stomach, but she isn't quite there yet. She loves to vocalize and her favorite sounds are vah, vah, vah and bah, bah, bah. She likes to hold Cheerios, but doesn't even think about putting them into her own mouth. Finally, she is more into paper, tags, and whatever Chris and I are doing than in any of the toys we brought except for the stacking cups and the books. They are great fun. One last thing, Chloe hates it when her parents pay even a bit of attention to another child, so we're watching our p's and q's and focusing on just Chloe during this transition time. This is important not only for Chloe's attachment but also because chicken pox are spreading through the group. Right now, three out of the ten kids have chicken pox and we are trying to keep Chloe well.


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OK Dad, so you already have her reading the newspaper. Guess next Saturday she will be in front of the TV with you watching college football? What happens with the babies who have the chicken pox? Thanks so much for telling us some of the things she is doing and what interests her. It makes it seem so real - that you are really going to bring her HOME! Much, much love, Mom GG

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