Friday, October 21, 2005

Got Up and Went for a Stroll

Last night was a great night for sleeping. Down by 9, up at 12 for a quick bottle and then back down until about 6. A quick bottle in mom's lap and then we did what Gailor-Loflin's do - went for a walk to see the world first thing in the morning. The culture here is so amazing - there is nothing like it in the United States. We went back to the park alone and Chloe was a hit with all of the locals. They love her lite skin tone and her precious smile. They all comment on how beautiful Heidi is and how much Chloe resembles her! One person even thought she was our own baby until his friend straightened things out.

We'll post a few quick photos now as we are getting ready to go on a short tour to a historic pavilion nearby.

Be back soon!


Blogger KennedysNC said...

What a beautiful smile! I love seeing that beautiful girl blossom!! I can't wait to see what she looks like up close and in person!

Mike and Ann Marie

8:03 PM  
Blogger Gammy & Papa Lee said...

Yes little Chloe, you have two more adoring grandparents. You have no idea how much "ooing" and "ahing" has taken place in front of this computer screen. You are all so precious to us, and how wonderful it is,little Chloe,that you are beginning to embrace your new Mommy & Daddy as your very own.

Hugs and kisses from your Gammy Audrey and Papa Lee Witcher

8:17 AM  
Blogger GG said...

What a happy baby girl!! Let's make that happy family. Did you try to find 2 puppies to take on the walk? I know Maggie and Sun Dog are missing you. Much, much love, GG

12:52 PM  
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