Monday, October 24, 2005

Call Nanny 911!

This is Chris..

I know what you are thinking...there is no way that something with such a sweet angelic face could ever be any problem. Well let me tell you... God just sent some demon to possess my child in order to seek revenge for all of the trouble I gave my mother growing up. And I had to raid the minibar just to calm my nerves afterwards!

The day started well enough with a family breakfast followed by Chloe and Chris seeing Heidi off. Heidi is going with one other parent to see Chloe's hometown and her orphanage which are about 2-3 hours away. Hopefully she will also see her "finding spot" and get lots of good information from her nannies. Afterwards Chloe and Chris went to the park again and met lots of nice citizens of China who were all duly impressed with Chloe. Then we went and meditated at the Buddhist Monastery for about 45 minutes. Again meeting lots of nice folks and even received some fruit presents from one of them. I had the regular camera - so I can't load the pictures - but suffice it to say the monastery was amazing today. Colorful prayer flags in all of the courtyards with lanterns and incense burning in all of the offering pots. The statues were amazing - both Buddhist and Hindu. We looked through the gift shop and even saw some Christian memorabilia. It was a neat melding of many different religions all in one place.

We came back for a quick bottle and a diaper change then ran off to get Chloe's Chinese passport. No problems there - she's got a passport and can travel. Coming back to the hotel we walked to the store and picked up some children's Chinese folk music and "happy song" CD's and also some general necessities. Then back to the room for a bottle and a nap.

That's when the fun started. Going to sleep wasn't a problem until dad started eating his fried rice noodles with beef. The chilies used in the dish were quite hot and as soon as dad started eating, Chloe went into a sneezing fit in her crib. 15 minutes later I got her asleep again, went back to eating, and another sneezing fit. I thought it may have been the bedding in her crib so the next time she went down I put her in the middle of one of the double beds. Then I went back to eating and another sneezing fit from across the room. I may be thick headed, but by the third time I finally figured out what was going on and promptly put the unfinished noodles in the hallway.

Problem was, I had worn out all of my charm with Chloe at that point. No going back to sleep - so I put Chloe on the bed and let her play for about an hour. We had some baby food and Cherrios as our solid mid-day meal. I put her on her belly some so she can start building up her pectoral muscles and then put her on her back so she could practice rolling over. That is when the real fun started completely out of the blue.

It started out as a whimper, then a soft cry, then a large roar, and ended in blood curdling screams. We tried Cheerios, we tried looking in the mirror, we tried walking, we tried the computer - all of which have been found to be reliable Chloe distractions. Finally I decided the Baby Bjorn (think baby backpack) and walking might be the ticket. I knew she had gotten overtired because of missing her nap but I wasn't ready for this.

So I got Chloe dressed - something else that increased the terror levels, put her in the carrier and started walking. By the time we got to the end of the hall several housekeepers had come out to see what I was doing to the baby. I started to fear I would be reported to the authorities and they would take the baby away before Heidi got home. There was no way I could walk out in front of the 2.5 million people in Nanchang with a baby that was letting loose piercing screams and throwing herself wildly against the baby carrier. So it was back to the room.

Last ditch effort - bottle. She had had one only a couple of hours previously - but I would try anything at this point. She took it instantly and like the passing of a hurricane all became calm in the world. She took it while still in the baby carrier and promptly fell asleep. I unhooked the entire carrier front rather than pull her out and laid her gently on the bed. That was an hour ago and she is still asleep. I have taken the phone off the hook and put the do not disturb sign on the door. And now I am writing this so it will be saved forever as a memory. The harshness is already starting to wear off and she is looking beautiful in her sleep.

I don't know what I did to my mother to deserve the episode that was presented to me today! Karma can be a rough thing. The only good thought coming out of the whole experience is that if that was what I got for the way I behaved in my youth - I can't wait to see what my brother's soon the be son will put him through! :-)

At 5pm, Chloe and Dad are off to have dinner with Allena Moody (cover girl earlier in the blog) who is celebrating her 3rd adoption day today with her parents. We will be celebrating at Pizza Hut and hopefully Mom will get back from the orphanage in time to join the festivities!



Blogger GG said...

That baby girl just does not like to have her parents apart! It just shows how well she is bonding to you and how that love is growing! But, it does make a great story to tell her in years to come - the fact that the first time each of you had her alone - she made her wishes known! Much, much love, GG

9:22 AM  
Blogger Pam Dean Molly Emma said...

Welcome to parenthood, Chris! Our little angel Emma also turns into a she-devil when her nap is interrupted or cut short - it's just not pretty. Makes you really look forward to those teenage years, huh?

3:39 AM  

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